World Cup 21/11+

World Cup 21/11+

World Cup Match Schedule 21/11+

Where multiple games are playing at once – please check in advance to ensure your preferred game is being shown.

Sound is NOT played for every game, particularly in the evenings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday…

Remember you can always make a reservation and book our ‘Snug’ for picture and sound!!


Group Date Day Time Team A Team B
A 21-Nov Monday 12:00 Senegal Netherlands
B 21-Nov Monday 15:00 England Iran
A 21-Nov Monday 18:00 Qatar Ecuador
B 21-Nov Monday 21:00 USA Wales
C 22-Nov Tuesday 12:00 Argentina Saudi Arabia
D 22-Nov Tuesday 15:00 Denmark Tunisia
C 22-Nov Tuesday 18:00 Mexico Poland
D 22-Nov Tuesday 21:00 France Australia
F 23-Nov Wednesday 12:00 Morocco Croatia
E 23-Nov Wednesday 15:00 Germany Japan
E 23-Nov Wednesday 18:00 Spain Costa Rica
F 23-Nov Wednesday 21:00 Belgium Canada
G 24-Nov Thursday 12:00 Switzerland Cameroon
H 24-Nov Thursday 15:00 Uruguay South Korea
H 24-Nov Thursday 18:00 Portugal Ghana
G 24-Nov Thursday 21:00 Brazil Serbia