Covid-19 Information


Some Pointers for You!

The Dubliner & Covid-19:

Since March 2020, Covid-19 has devastated the hospitality, and other, industries. Here at The Dubliner we have been forcibly closed for over 9 months in the last year. Re-opening will be slow and it will take some time before we are allowed operate normally and at our full capacity again.  Financially it has been a disaster. Once piece of good news in all this doom and gloom is we have obtained a grant from the European Union / ESPA funding. This is a lifeline which is greatly appreciated in these difficult times. Click on the ESPA link at the bottom of this page for further information.

In these difficult times – lets help each other and co-operate………………….

What You Can Expect From Us:

Healthy Team Members: Each team member completes a health and wellness check prior to their shift as well as a temperature check at the start end of each shift. The majority of our staff are also fully vaccinated.

Clean Environment: We are fanatical about keeping The Dubliner clean. From our dining / bar areas, to our kitchen and to our toilets. We make sure it is spotless at all times.

Frequent Hand Washing: Hand washing in compliance with health guidelines and  / or regular use of hand sanitiser. Hand sanitizer is available on every table for customer use.

Team Member Safety: All team members are required to wear masks and our kitchen staff prepare food using both masks and gloves.

Social Distancing: Excess tables / seating have been removed from the premises. All tables are spaced according to current legislation and guidelines.

Contactless Menus & Payment: Digital menus and contactless payment options are available.

Reservations: We are able to reserve tables. However, it is our policy to only reserve a maximum of 25% of our capacity. This is to allow for flexibility and to cater for ‘walk in customers’.

How You Can Help:

Do Not Congregate: Ensure you give other guests their space and do not congregate in open areas.

Wear Face Masks: Face coverings are required whilst you are not seated e.g. going outside to smoke, to or from the bathrooms etc.

Be Patient and Respectful: Staff are doing their best in difficult circumstances, please respect them and follow their guidelines. We are here to help, but will not tolerate abuse.

Internal Space = ‘Covid Free GR’: Currently, due to Greek Law, internal spaces are designated as ‘Covid-Free’. This means sitting inside is only allowed for fully vaccinated customers (+14 days after final vaccination) or for those who have, in the last six months, recovered from a Covid infection. Staff are obligated by law to check your status using the Government’s ‘Covid Free GR’ application. Please cooperate with them on this area.

Outside Seating: Outside seating is very limited, so unfortunately we cannot accept reservations. There is no standing and the maximum number in any one group is 10 people.